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Whether you arrive by plane or by car – due to the highway and the airport (25 km away from Split – 100 km away from Zadar), the Marina Kremik is easy to reach.

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Dear boat fans!

In recent years, our 10 and 11 day charter has become very sought after, because a week is often too short and two weeks are sometimes too long.

You either start on a Saturday and must return the yacht on a Wednesday the second following week in the morning; or you start on a Wednesday at noon and return the yacht on the second following Saturday morning.

The great advantage of such charters is that you can avoid traffic jams at least one day - either on departure or on arrival - because there is hardly any traffic during the week.

Another advantage of such charters is that on the weekends the bays and city ports are mostly empty, because many charter yachts must go back to their bases and a yacht transfer at our base on a Wednesday can be performed earlier than on very busy Saturdays. Due to some fewer gaps because of the booking behaviour and cancellations, we may offer you some special dates at special conditions.  

For the 10-days charter from Wednesday to Saturday DRIVE 10 days PAY FOR ONLY 9 DAYS – for offers please click h e r e !  

For the 11-days charter from Saturday to Wednesday DRIVE 11 days PAY FOR ONLY 10 DAYS – for offers please click h e r e !  

In addition to the ideal yacht, you will also find the ideal holiday property at


10 Tage Mittwoch Samstag.pdf

11 Tage Samstag_Mittwoch.pdf