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We are available around the clock; our German-speaking staff at the base will help you any time with any questions about the boat and about trip planning, mooring and restaurant reservations. And should you ever have problems with the yacht while on tour, you can contact our service people quickly.

Information & Good to Know

Surface of the coastal sea (internal sea and territorial sea, extended over 12 nautical miles from the internal sea) 31,067 km

Length of the seacoast 5,835 km, 4,058 km of it is coast of the islands, rocks and reefs.
Altogether: 1,185 islands, rocks and reefs, 67 inhabited and 651 uninhabited islands, 389 rocks and 78 reefs.

Lighthouses, coastal and port lights: 600.

Radio stations at the coast: Radio Rijeka, Radio Split, Radio Dubrovnik.

Ports, which can take up large ocean ships: Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Ploče and Dubrovnik.

Along the coast there are over 350 very favourable, natural docking places for ships.

The Adriatic Sea is a spacious gulf in the middle part of the Mediterranean, to which it is connected by Otrantska vrata (Otranti gate).

The Adriatic Sea extends in southeast-northwest direction on a length of 870 km.
The average width amounts to 160 km.

The Republic of Croatia takes 48 % of the mainland coastal surface and 97% coast of the islands of the Adriatic Sea.

The tide goes through Otrantska Vrata into the Adriatic Sea. It moves within 12 hours along the east coast to the north and along the west coast to the south. The tidal range amounts to about 25 cm at Otrantska Vrata and up to 80 cm in the most northern part.


Wind & weather

The climate is Mediterranean with hot, dry summers and mild, moist winters.
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Entering Croatia

Croatia is part of the European Union since 01.07.2013!
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Registration and notice of departure of persons

The tourist registration and notice of departure of your crew members will be done for you directly at the office of Offshore-Boote in the Marina Kremik.
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Security of the navigation

The Navigation Administration (Uprava pomorstva) is responsible for the security of the navigation; the Centre for Search and Rescue Actions on the Sea, eight Harbour Offices and 63 Harbour Office branches operate within its framework.
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Fuel, Water and Electricity

Gas stations on sea are to be found in the following harbours: Zadar, Marina Sukošan, Biograd n/m, Preko ferry pier, Triluke (Dugi otok), Hramina/Murter, Marina Murter, Marina Jezera...
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